MP3, YouTube and more

We continue to improve the content of the MSXdev website. New MP3 files are available, they concern the 2004 games Kralizec Tetris, Battle Tetris and Stratos.

We have also added links to YouTube videos in the 2004 edition. Do you know for example that a complete video walkthrough is available for Stratos ? A good opportunity to play again this nice game !

Another walkthrough is under the form of screenshots, it has been made for Snail Maze by BiFi, a great puzzle fan ! :)

Check the [Archives] section !

MP3 files

From time to time, we’ll add MP3 files with nice musics coming from the games available on this website. All these files have been created by using the blueMSX emulator and the YAMP utility. We hope you will find cool this initiative !

We start with a first serie including 10 songs coming from one MSXdev’03 game (Penguin Race) and seven MSXdev’04 games (Chocobo Racing - Factory InfectionGniffelPicture PuzzleSeleniakSnail MazeT-Virus). Enjoy !

Check the [Archives] section !