Which game format ?

If you visit this website since many years, you have for sure noticed that we have a big preference for games in ROM format. Not only because it’s the only format accepted by the great MSXdev’ contest, but also because it’s so easy to run a ROM game in an emulator.

In second place for the comfort of the end-users, we have the DSK format. In some cases, this format is the only solution for coders when they want to include saving options other than S-RAM management or to use MSX-DOS2 for some unknown reason. Here the problems can start their annoying existence, when coders forget to rename a BAS file as AUTOEXEC.BAS or to include a similar AUTOEXEC.BAT file. It can be even worse when organizers of a contest remove the MSX-DOS files and provide only the other files as loose files.

The less interesting format is the CAS format because it requires to enter the good command to launch the game (I know that openMSX can ‘detect’ and execute the required command, but it’s not guaranteed to work in all cases). When a contest accepts this format, it can have its nostalgic charm, but generally CAS should only be used when a game requires ‘extra’ memory, I mean the memory that is lost when you use at least 1 drive.

Most CAS games can be converted into DSK games and most DSK games (or provided as loose files) can be converted into ROM files. In the following threads, I’ve added the procedure to follow if you want to make yourself these conversions. If some coders agree with the publishing of the converted versions, they can contact me.

At the moment, the conversion tips are limited to #msxdev Compo 2012 and MSX-BASIC 2012 Contest, more tips for other contests are planned. Enjoy the real MSX spirit !

MSX-BASIC 2012 Contest :




Knights & Demons

#msxdev Compo 2012 :

#msxdev Compo 2012


As using of the “MSXdev” name is source of confusion since more than one year, I’ve decided to rename this site as “MSXblue-dev” and that’s also the opportunity to clarify some things.

Since MSXdev’12, this website is no more the official MSXdev’ website, simply because I’ve decided to stop the organization of MSXdev’ contests. But MSXdev’ history continues on the Karoshi forums. It implies that official news about the current edition of the competition can only be found on Karoshi.

It implies also that the presentation of new games on MSXblue-dev can include non-official elements and that some of these additionnal infos can be controversial. It’s my personal approach about the new games in development, exactly in the same way that the presentation on the MSX Resource Center reflects the personal approach of the person who has posted the news on MRC.

Besides, the same can be said for games announced and/or released in other contests or even outside a contest. I’m not the organizer of all these contests and it’s obvious that I’m not involved in the development of these games. In all cases, I refer to the official website where 100 % reliable infos can be found.