#msxdev Compo 2013

This is some relevant data about the second edition of this contest for any MSX generation, any kind of common hardware extension and any kind of software (games, demos and utilities) :

* No any official winner (due to a lack of participants)
* Non-official winner for the games section : Just Another Snake Game (Nitrofurano)
* 1 MSX2 game and 1 demo released
* The demo, called Nothing Thing and coded also by Nitrofurano, is a MSX2+ slideshow of pictures in screen 12 including texts (the source includes an alternative rom without the texts); it’s actually another example of what can be done in a few months with the Boriel’s ZX-Basic Compiler, adapted for MSX. No any sound and R800 power is not used on turboR to speed the demo.

Game entries – 1 game

Preliminary remark : coders interested by the publishing of their games on this website can contact me.

Just Another Snake Game

Author : Nitrofurano
Game genre : A Snake game for MSX2 !
Format : MSX 8 KB ROM

Download :
- Game + Source on the contest website

Disqualified game entry (ripped graphics) – 1 game

Arabic Land

Team : Gamecast Entertainment
Author : Andrea Gasparrini
Game genre : Platform game in a big labyrinth for MSX2
Original format : Loose files

No download available !

Cancelled game entry – 1 game

Dalton 4 for MSX

Author : Giovanni Nunes
Game genre : Puzzle
Original format : Loose files

No download available !

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