MSX-BASIC 2012 Contest : Firefighter

The MSX-BASIC 2012 Contest organized by provides us a second finished game, 9 days before the deadline !

Firefighter is another puzzle-game, created by the Spanish coder Pentacour, who challenges us in 15 still more difficult levels where a fireman needs to connect first correctly the pipes before getting water to the hose and being able to put out the fire. Your time is limited, an option “Continue” is available but you will lose points if you need to use it.

This game is provided in CAS format and the ASCII version of the BAS file is also available. Here’s the good procedure to create the DSK and ROM versions :
- create a blank DSK image with Disk Manager
- insert the DSK file in the virtual A drive of blueMSX
- insert the CAS file in the virtual tape port of blueMSX
- launch blueMSX (MSX1, 2 or 2+ machine) and press CTRL while booting
- enter LOAD”CAS:”
- save the file normally on DSK by SAVE “FIREFIGH.BAS”
- create an AUTOEXEC.BAS to launch FIREFIGH.BAS
- close blueMSX
- use ROM Creator to transform FIREFIGH.BAS into FIREFIGH.ROM

MSX-BASIC 2012 Contest


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