For the period between 1st January 2006 and 29 February 2012, the MSXdev’ team was an independant group of people into the MSX system whose have been joined together in order to organize the MSXdev contests. Originally composed as a trio, it became a duo in January 2010 with the departure of Jon Cortazar.

Since the end of MSXdev’11, Sjoerd Lammertsma has also quit the team. As a result, Benoît Delvaux has decided to stop the organization of the MSXdev’contests. They are now organized by the Karoshi MSX Community.

Benoît Delvaux

Benoît Delvaux (aka mars2000you or mars2000) is co-developer of blueMSX, one of the best MSX emulators and the proof that high level of accuracy and comfort for the end-user are compatible. He likes especially demos with many effects and good musics, but also games that combine action and thinking (The Maze of Galious for example).

Jon Cortazar

Jon Cortazar (aka viejo_archivero), a very active developer on the Spanish MSX scene, previous member of Karoshi Corporation and the MSXdev team. His passion, strength and power have contributed to the success of this contest. Since beginning 2010, he decided to concentrate all his free time on MSX development with RELEVO Videogames, a new game creators team.

Sjoerd Lammertsma

Sjoerd Lammertsma (aka BodyHammeR) is an active MSX user (and general computer- and gamesfreak) and the person responsible for The Darkness God Of Destroy – a website that is mainly a means of distributing his Realtime Articles and photoshoots created before, during and after his visits to various MSX meetings around the world.

Those who helped

We want to thank some people who made this thing possible :

* Eduardo Robsy (aka robsy, pitpan), founder of the contest and organizer of MSXdev’03, MSXdev’04 and MSXdev’05 contests. His hard work and constance have been the key of the MSXdev contest’s huge success. In 2006, he passed the responsabilities of the contest to the MSXdev’ team.

* Carlos Milán (aka karloch), webmaster of and spanish MRC, who has donated us freely some space on his server in order to host the MSXdev’ team website. We finally occupied another host, but anyway we want to thank him for that kind donation.

* Albert Beevendorp (aka BiFi), for taking time to test the whole site (editions ’06, ’07, ’08 and ’09) and make some nice suggestions and even HTML corrections to it.

* Every contestant, jury and donor at every MSXdev edition. Without your work, this contest wouldn’t exist today. Thank you very much for supporting MSXdev contests !

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